About Us

F & C Industries, Inc. is proud of our success, thanks to our employees, customers, suppliers and friends for their ongoing support.

In a proud statement issued from their company headquarters, F & C Industries, Inc. announced that 2007 is the 42nd Anniversary of the founding of their business.

The company was started back in 1965, the same year the earth became a much smaller place, as satellites sent pictures of the moon and Mars back to Earth and Astronaut Edward White did a space walk.

As the years progressed F & C Industries became a Class A Tooling and Stamping manufacturing facility with presses up to 250 tons.

In 1990 Solidex Corp. came to F & C to develope and manufacture an adjustable sprinkler clamp allowing minimal adjustment of drop nipples through the small ceiling opening produced by the sprinkler head.

In 2000 F & C Industries purchased the Ballard sprinkler clamp line. The Ballard Clamp is patented. The Model B Standard Clamp was introduced recently with the patented stand-off space.

F & C Industries is proud of it's affiliations with the following:

Member of the National Federation of Independent Business www.nfib.com
Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers www.sme.org
Aurora Tri State www.AuroraTriState.com